Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lose your baggage

Another new year and New Year is approaching. Maybe it's one of many that you hoped to set the intention of really doing something about the extra weight you have been carrying around with you where ever you go. Whatever you do, there it is. It weighs you down and crowds you in every situation. You have a notion you would feel better and have more energy for the things you want to do. You are pretty sure you will look better. But it is just so hard to address, to make the changes needed. It's so hard to think about while doing whatever else you are doing. It is hard to do every thing differently.

I lost 35 lbs, my husband lost almost 50 lbs and his friend who lost almost 200 lbs have inspired me to start a blog where we can lay out weekly and monthly suggestions and actions that could support you through what has just has seemed too difficult for so long.

Gaining weight is a multi layered happening. It starts with our DNA, our family of origins habits and beliefs. Then it progresses to what our culture encourages in us. You have been taking on what has been laid on you so to speak....But now it should be taken on in a whole new way...head on. We should take the bull by the horns...Yet even the strongest warrior among us can get over run by the powerful momentum of our past and the society at large. So am saying that a person can also just let allot of it go... from our what our family gave to us, to what sudses us every day...and then what we have come believe about ourselves, our options, possibilities and our limitations

There a thousand of weight loss programs out there....probably many you have tried. I am not making any promises or sales pitches. We just want to make a humble yet powerful forum for you to come to get support in your transformation to being a person free of bondage to your weight, self doubts about you can accomplish and beliefs about what you deserve. I also want to give tools that can help strengthen you mentally and build reliance for addressing adversity. Tools for drawing energy into yourself for your endeavors. Tools to transform cravings in creativity. Tools to learn from your own bodies wisdom. Tools for looking yourself in the eye with love, when you thought you would not like what you saw.

These are the tools we all can use in dealing with this challenging life, in this challenging time on our planet. So not matter what happens you will glean various helpful skills that you can use in any situation you come across and be happy with yourself...and the world around you.

Each month I will post one tool for mind or spirit, one body and one for you plate...Each week we answer questions and make suggestions in how to make them work...It's all great fair...Bon App├ętit